Forest Deer Bamboo Earrings

$22.00 - On Sale

Growing up, I loved the mornings my dad would take a detour through the state park where we would stop and watch the deer graze in the large grassy field. That wonderful memory inspired me to create these graceful deer earrings that are ready to frolic with you wherever you decide to go.

This pair of peaceful fawn friends were sketched on paper, scanned into my computer and then carefully composed to create a wearable illustration.

Lasercut from bamboo, these woodland inspired earrings are environmental friendly and light as a feather. You can wear these bold designs on a day-to-day basis without your ears ever feeling weighed down. Featuring hand hammered Sterling Silver (.925) ear hooks, these nature inspired accessories are as unique as you.

Earrings come packaged on a super fun folding card, that I designed to match the earrings, inside a kraft box. These easy-going deer make a perfect gift or just a great way to treat yourself.

Material: Lightweight Eco-Friendly Bamboo
Earhook: Hand-hammered Sterling Silver
Size: 1in x 1.4in (27mm x 35mm)